Lux Monitor allows you to choose how much energy you consume and offers access to new services which can help both to bring about savings and to add value.


The LuxNodes and LuxGates can easily be installed on a new or existing system and are configured automatically.
The LuxSoftware is intuitive and easy to set up.


Lux Monitor allows you to make various kinds of saving:

  • On the amount of power you use, thus cutting your electricity bill.
  • There is no longer any need to make the rounds at night.
  • Maintenance costs are cut.
  • There is no unnecessary consumption.



The system can be updated once it has been installed:

  • Any faults are detected instantly so there is no need to make the rounds at night.
  • Anticipating the end of the lamps’ lives allows you to minimise work in the field.
  • Maintenance is carried out without any interruption to the service.
  • Only the faulty light point will be switched on to check the maintenance work after it has been carried out.


The ergonomic LuxSoftware interface allows you to:

  • Control the lighting remotely: switching on/off and variations.
  • Individually control each light point.
  • Decide on lighting strategies, choosing your own scenes.
  • Manage the system’s consumption and measure it in real time.
  • Manage and reduce your lighting budget.
  • Personalise the interface for each user.
  • Use sensors (pollution, movement, brightness, etc.) and actuators.