Lux Gate

The Lux Monitor gateway


The LuxGate is equipped with a radio transmitter/receiver with a range of 400 m in an urban environment and 5 km in a free field area, allowing communication with the LuxNodes.

The LuxGate is the gateway between the LuxSoftware (via a Wi-Fi, Ethernet or GPRS Internet connection) and the LuxNodes (via the 868 MHz / 915MHz radio frequency bands).



Functional characteristics:

- Records and stores the consumption of the light points.
- Manages a plug and play network of 500 LuxNodes.
- Allows you to programme lighting strategies either for a single node or a whole zone.
- Notifies you of any defects and malfunctions by e-mail, text, etc.
- Permanent clock (does not require an astronomical clock)
- Online communication interfaces, for a local area network, for the LuxNodes network