Lux Node

The Lux Monitor node


LuxNode is equipped with a transmitter and a receiver both of which have a range of 400 m in an urban environment and 5 km in a free field area, allowing the « node » to communicate with both the LuxGate and other LuxNodes.

It is capable of controlling up to three units (ballast, event lighting, sensor, etc.) It is installed in the lighting column and powered by the latter’s power supply and is connected to the ballast by two wires, managing it via either the DALI protocol or the 1-10V output. Once it is powered on, it self-configures so that it can communicate with the LuxGate and the other LuxNodes – the installation process is quick and kept as simple as possible.

It manages both switching the lamp on/off and its light intensity. It measures electrical consumption in real time so that it can send the data back to the remote management system.


Functional characteristics:

- Manages both switching the lamps on/off and variations in their light intensity.

- Records electrical parameters (Voltage (V), Current (I), Power (W), Energy (Wh), combined power, power factor (cos φ), etc.)

- Astronomical clock which synchronises itself via the LuxGate.
- Detects any ballast, lamp and sensor faults.
- Sensor management (pollution, movement, brightness, etc.).
- Can control a maximum of three units per node: ballast, driver, sensor and/or actuator.
- Can manage any type of lamp: HID, sodium, LED and fluorescent, etc.