Lux Software

The supervision software

The supervision software manages and aggregates information from the lighting network in real time. It is available in a dedicated server or « Software as a Service » (SaaS) version and can be accessed from any computer connected to the Internet. An application for smartphones and touch-screen tablets is also available.

You can access detailed information on every component of your network, including light sources, festive lighting, ballasts, drivers, pollution sensors, brightness sensors and movement sensors in order to create a light wave, and, generally speaking, any manageable object.

There are plenty of different options allowing you to:

- Switch the lamps on/off and also vary their light intensity, either individually or by zone.
- Supervise the network’s real time consumption.
- Programme lighting scenes.
- Manage the lamps’ life spans.
- Detect, analyse and monitor any faults.
- Record data from sensors (pollution, movement, brightness, etc.)