The three components of the system

LuxNode: the « node »

Installed directly into each lighting column. Every node is plug and play, which means that it configures itself automatically by looking for the nearest and most available node. It sends messages to both the LuxGate and the other nodes and receives them back. It manages switching on/off, variation, alarms, sensors, etc. If there is an interruption to the service, each node is independent and ensures that the system will continue operating.

LuxGate: the « gateway »

“The gateway » between the LuxNodes (the « nodes ») and the LuxSoftware (the « supervision software ») . The gateway is installed near a power source and the Internet connection (Wi-Fi, Ethernet or GPRS), and allows the information set using the LuxSoftware to be sent to the nodes. Information can also be collected from them so that it can be displayed in the LuxSoftware.

LuxSoftware: the « supervision software »

The program can be accessed from any computer connected to the Internet and allows you to monitor and supervise the public lighting network.

schema lux monitor