Project Supporters


Arago Systems is an engineering company specialising in embedded systems and communicating electronics.
The company works on developing innovative products and properly thought-out electronics. The company is proud of its founders’ experience and aims to come up with new solutions both to current problems and those that lie ahead in the future.

Sophia Conseil

Sophia Conseil is a company providing services in the fields of engineering, research and development and innovation
our job is to make our clients more competitive by bringing a range of innovative technological solutions and expertise in the specific field to all the stages involved in developing a project, right through to the start of production, and particularly within our own specialist areas which are optics, electronics, mechanical engineering and information systems.
The innovation platform designed by Sophia Conseil offers a full set of resources: business development, recruitment, internal process, IT, financing, partnerships, etc., in order to handle the analysis of requirements, design, putting together pilot projects / trials / etc. or prototypes, integration, roll-out, technical and commercial tests, right through to industrialisation, all in-house.
By supporting the Lux Monitor project, Sophia Conseil is demonstrating its primary vocation, which is TO ACT AS THE MISSING LINK BETWEEN R&D AND INDUSTRY


Lux Monitor has received financial support from OSEO.
OSEO is a public undertaking of a kind which has no equivalent in Europe, whose mission statement involves one of France’s key ambitions, which is helping to make the country a major player for innovation and entrepreneurs. In just a few years, OSEO has become the French State’s secret weapon when it comes to funding innovation and the growth of both small and medium-sized businesses.

Cap Energies

The Lux Monitor project has been certified by the Capénergies competitive cluster.
The Capénergies competitive cluster was originally set up in the Provence-Alpes-Côte d’Azur and Corsica regions and it supports the development of an energy system offering genuine excellence and tailored to changes in industry. It now involves 400 key players from the fields of industry, research, education and training.