The Company


Drawing on its track record as a business incubator, Sophia Conseil welcomes Arago Systems.

This engineering company specialising in embedded systems and communicating electronics is bringing its skills to Sophia Conseil’s electronic design and engineering department.

Working together and driven by a desire to develop innovative products and well thought-out electronics, Sophia Conseil and Arago Systems are setting out to find a fresh solution to the problems involved in managing public lighting.

This solution is called Lux Monitor. Lux Monitor was incorporated as a company in March 2013, in order to market this revolutionary innovation, and a patent covering the Lux Monitor innovation was filed in 2010.

  • Lux Monitor’s features have proved its positive impact on the environment by reducing electricity consumption, optimising the carbon footprint by reducing the number of journeys made for monitoring and maintenance purposes, and environmental data (CO2, pollution, noise, etc.) can be captured using sensors.
  • The project has been certified by the CAPENERGIES competitive cluster.
  • Lux Monitor have opted for 100% French manufacturing whilst still keeping production costs under control!